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Történetek és gondolatok Északról és Délről

2017.04.08. 21:26 α Ursae Minoris

Anna's story

Címkék: élet kereszténység Anna


When reading about the shootings in the bar Pulse in Orlando, I found many stories of people contacting their loved ones in their last moments of life in fear. “We are just hiding”, they had said. “I just wanted to tell you I love you one last time.” Such a situation seemed so far off from my current situation. Never did I believe that I would ever find myself in a situation even remotely close to one like that. That is, until I actually did, on the afternoon of April 7th, 2017 in Stockholm.

My name is Anna Péter, and many of you may know me as the daughter of Oszkár, the writer of this blog. I will now take my time to tell you about my experience of the terror attack in Stockholm; in hopes of processing what happened or even contribute with whatever knowledge I gained from it. 

I found myself at T-centralen at around 3 pm, entering Åhléns for shopping, as a small treat for myself after surviving two intense weeks of work and school. Little did I know, that had I gone for my honestly speaking irrelevant shopping just one hour later, I may have not been as OK as I am now. When I had paid for my things, I went to a café further down on Drottinggatan to study as I waited for my boyfriend to arrive with his train from Uppsala. As I was reading my articles, I received a call from him, just checking up on me. The call started out like any other, cheesy call. However, it would take a big turn as he suddenly heard silence from my side of the line. The reason for this, is because I suddenly looked out the window. Outside, I saw people running all in one direction; running for their lives. I did not understand what was going on, but people around me were telling me we all needed to hide. With the situation being so bizarre, I just froze in my seat for a few seconds. I told my boyfriend, “They… They are telling me to hide”. Stupid as it may seem, I needed an actual reminder from him, that well… Then it might be a good idea to actually hide. 

We were hurried into the kitchen of the café where people were visibly in shock and did not know what was going on. As I stood, completely frozen with Robert still on the line telling me to breathe as he looked up what was happening, I realized that I was in that situation. People were saying someone was outside with a gun (Thankfully, this was not confirmed later on). I did not know when I was getting out, or if I was. We soon were led to another room further down underground with safer doors. Here, a lot of other people from other stores had gathered as well. Many of us, me included, were already crying. But as I stepped into that room, I was instantaneously met with love and compassion. One girl saw I was scared and offered me a seat, even though we were maybe 40 people in a small room with only 4 chairs. The same girl later went around offering people who did not have any reception to call their loved ones from her phone, which did have reception. She also came up to me and asked me if I needed a hug, where after we hugged each other in silence for maybe 3 minutes. 

This went on for maybe one hour, when we after a call to the police were told we were getting led out by a police officer from underground. Though scared, we went up and were met with interviewers and paparazzi, which once again felt extremely bizarre. Since traffic was not working at all, and I did not know anyone, I stayed with a group of women who also were by themselves. We decided we would go by foot toward Södermalm. This plan, however, would only take me as far as Stadshuset. Here, I suddenly heard a voice calling my name. Turning around, I saw an old friend who had been a very close friend during high school, and who I had not seen in a long while. Just seeing a familiar face in the midst of all the chaos led us both to the same reaction; just hugging each other and sobbing. We didn’t have to say a word because we knew we were both going through it all. The other women kept going, seeing as I had found a friend. 

Having stayed in contact with my best friend, Amanda, she soon told me I could walk to her house since I could not go home. So I left my friend, who had others to take care of, and started my walk toward Amanda. This walk was filled with so much emotion. Every single soul I passed by seemed to be emotionally drained, but at the same time I felt so connected to everyone. Because we were all going through the same feelings, fears. During my walk in the innocent April sunset, I could finally see the beauty of humanity and community. 

Arriving at Amanda’s place, I was met with so much love. They took care of me physically and prayed with and for me. When traffic started again, they even drove me home. 

I have had some time processing what happened on April 7th, 2017. What I can see, is that my problems of what colour lipstick I should buy are so stupid and irrelevant. I can see that humans can be so brutal, cruel and inhumane. But what I also can see is that my country is the strongest at its weakest point because people come together and help each other in ways I had never, ever witnessed before. And lastly, I am once again reminded that I am so protected by my faith in God, as he led me away from the wrong place and wrong time. 

To conclude, I would like to insert my post from yesterday in my book of thankfulness that I write in every day.

Today, I am thankful to be alive.

I am thankful that God has a watching eye over me, leading me to safe places. 

I am thankful for the helpfulness of people to each other when most needed.

And I am thankful for the beautiful lives of the souls that were taken today, that he will welcome them in his home with love and give comfort to their families.

Thank you for taking your time to read my story, and keep meeting each other with kindness.


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Aaron Vivies 2017.04.12. 23:35:32

congratulations, well written

Csodabogár 2017.04.14. 10:25:57

Anna nem tud magyarul?

Különben amit leír igen jellemző. Vészhelyzetben az emberek össze tartanak segítőkészek stb. Persze ő nem tudhatja, nekem tapasztalat. 1944-45 ostrom, 1956. Utóbbiról fantasztikus emlékeim vannak, mármint az emberek viselkedéséről.

Remélem a svéd rendőrség most már összekapja magát, bevallottan vannak hiányosságok.:-(

α Ursae Minoris · http://noreg.blog.hu/ 2017.04.14. 10:51:07

@Aaron Vivies: Thank you, merci beaucoup!

@Csodabogár: Dehogynem, Anna tökéletesen beszél magyarul, és a magyar helyesírása is kifogástalan.
Ebben az esetben azonban az angol nyelv volt a kézenfekvő választás, hogy a svéd és az amerikai barátok/ismerősök is olvashassák az írását.